Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I've been getting more fiber these days....

Mostly wool. I was infected with the Color Affection virus going around the knitting world and I am really making progress. Probably because I do a lot of sitting around on my ass.
But I have finished the first two sections and though i don't have a pic yet, I have begun the short row section. I screwed up and forgot to do a row of main color in the stripes, so my count is going to be off. But I am going to roll with it. It will look fine, right?
My Color Affliction
And I decide that spinning should count as exercise so I did an hour on the spinning wheel working on some leftovers from Tour de Fleece 2012. I have a whole stash of GORGEOUS new fiber to spin from the fall, but I want to finish up some leftovers from TdF before I begin working on anything new. Hopefully I can finish the spinning of this tomorrow, so I can get around to the plying which will go crazy fast.

I also finished the entire season 3 of Downton Abbey and am just about fit to burst because I want to talk about it but it's not done on PBS yet. Le sigh.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

I'm OK!

I have had it on my mental to-do list to come back and update that I'm OK! I got out of the hospital on January 9 after kicking my evil gallbladder to the curb on the 7th. We had to wait for my pancreas to stop being upset. Which took, like, 8 days. It was very very angry.

And then, well, brain fog and fatigue have pretty much been my companions. And meds. Oh, soooo many meds. in my intake paperwork they asked all the meds I use. They were: aspirin when I get a migraine and vitamin d. That's it. Now I have thyroid meds (surprise!), proton pump inhibitor (which I think is temporary to just reduce stomach acids in case my pancreas tries to digest itself some more), metformin for the beetus, cholestyramine powder which is like Tang FROM HELL and I have to drink it over the sink in case it won't stay in because it is so amazingly foul, and antidepressants. It's a whole box of stuff. So that is super good times. And none of these meds play well together so my day has to be planned around how and when to take them so they can actually be absorbed. And also taking my blood sugar 4 times because it has to be over a certain amount to take the met...and OMG MY ENTIRE LIFE REVOLVES AROUND A PILL BOX. Half of them cause the shits and half of them cause constipation, which is AWESOME and needless to say, it keeps me on my toes. Sorry for poop chat, but whatevs, everyone poops and if you ever have your gallbladder removed you should know that your innards are going to be adventuresome for a while.

But mainly things are good. I'm just about 4 weeks out which means next week I can lift things over 10lbs again. And my energy levels should improve now that I know my thyroid was being a lazy arse. And the brain fog forgetfulness confusiony stuff. And the whole being freezing cold all the time thing. This week I have kind of given in to the exhaustion and just let myself nap. So today instead of hanging out with The Man, I basically slept. Which makes me feel bad because I am neglectful. But apparently I was also tired. So tired. I took a morning nap and an afternoon nap. And really, I could have slept through, but I had to get up and take meds at some point.

But we hung out this evening watching Haven, which is kind of the shittiest show EVER because while the story is good, the acting is so so so bad. And I worked on my Color Affliction, which is in the never ending solid color stage and feels like it hasn't grown at all, even though i am now over half done with that part. I would like to finish it tonight so I can add the second color tomorrow.....
but who knows how far I will get!