Tuesday, July 18, 2017

What's Shakin'?

I ask my husband that because I am campaigning hardcore to drive the bus to hell.

Because my husband is shaking.
Because he has young onset Parksinsonism.

We have been through a ton of specialists, many thousands of dollars in testing and now we know why he can hardly walk and why his left arm has a constant tremor. He had a DaTscan done last week where they use a radiopharmaceutical tracer to see dopamine activity in your basal ganglia. He hardly has any activity, so there we go. A diagnosis just like that. Finally. And its awful.

He is 42 years old. And he has Parkinson's Disease.

And surprisingly, he has even lived what Republican senators cannot even argue is a good life.. He's a lifelong vegetarian. Never smoked. Literally took one sip of beer on his 21st birthday, though he may have had a few teaspoons of Lutheran communion wine over the years. Exercises. Works hard at his job and has been steadily employed since he was 15. Makes charitable donations and even became a foster parent.

Still got a fucking degenerative brain disease.

A day will come when the muscles in his face will no longer allow him to smile at me, and however hard anything has been in our life so far, that day will be the hardest.