Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hide and Seek: Post Office Style.

So...four weeks ago I ordered a few simple summer tops online, after careful shopping and using of coupon codes because my clothing budget is so tight that it squeaks. Three weeks ago it said it was delivered. I looked all around my front door: in the flower bed, behind the stoop, under the chairs, under the table, in the flower boxes. Nope. I looked at the back door. Still nothin'.

I emailed the company and asked if they had access to any more detailed tracking info to give me a lead on where to look. Or maybe it went back to the PO and a slip wasn't left for some reason. Anything. They said to ask my neighbors. So, I spoke to neighbors. It was really not anywhere to be found. I called the post office that serves us and asked if it was just hidden really good. They checked around. No one had any idea. I spoke to our new carrier who said Monday was his day off so a float delivered it and had no recall of a parcel.

So I contacted the company again and said I did all that stuff and it's really just gone. The parcel was insured, they gave me my $80 back and some generous coupon codes. Friday, I went shopping in a real store and scrounged the clearance racks and got some new tops after my refund was processed.

The Man and I went to sit outside today and I was spinning yarn and he made a latte run. He got back and sat down on the patio furniture and it crinkled. Well, that is odd....He took the pillows off the chair to see what it was and hello MIA parcel. It's been outdoors for 3 weeks under the chair cushions, through some seriously hellacious thunder storms and lots of sun and birds and squirrels and chipmunks and it's still in perfect condition.
Well. OK then.