Friday, December 31, 2010

You say you want a resolution...

With deepest apologies to the fab four.

So, well....I have had a hell of a year, eh?

Everyone has, I know. So of course, what's on tap for 2011? I have been thinking about that for days now.
I'm still in the phase where when we pull up to the house sometimes I have to just sit there for a second and look at it and enjoy the cuteness and think "how the hell did I get here?" and wonder how it was ever possible.

So what am I wanting to change in the new year? I changed pretty much everything in the last 4 months of this year.
in 2011 I plan to:
  • not buy any yarn for personal projects until February 23. Longer if I can do it. I would really like to use up some stash this year.
  • Choose locally more often.
  • Return my library books faster, thus depriving Milwaukee county of tens of dollars in late fees.
  • Embark on the kitchen and main bath renos which will surely be a test of my patience, creativity, and skills. I have been watching kitchen shows on DIYNetwork for weeks now and their idea of a barebones kitchen is 15,000. Yeah, well, I plan to do it for less than $1500. Because I don't have anything more and even that is stretching it. All my existing appliances are staying, I'm not gutting anything, and I plan to use paint and elbow grease to pull off a fucking miracle. Oh, there will be pictures, do not fear.
  • I want to write more in 2011. Blogging as well as personal essays and getting back to fiction. Shitty fiction. I was all revved up for NaNoWriMo this year and did the first two days and then thought "What the hell am I trying to do here? Push myself the rest of the way around the bend?" So I stopped and let it go.
  • Letting more things go. It's a good thing.
  • I need to finish unpacking. I am such a freaking slackMASTER!
  • I want to knit more things, too. I had such a good creative mojo going on until July 22. I want to catch that wave and do stuff again in 2011. I have continued to be creative but it's been more about creatively jamming all my shit into boxes, picking paint colors which I love, but damn...after a while even that gets old, creatively financing this move and creatively living in a construction zone while I scraped and painted and sanded. I wanna do some fun creative stuff. I have not been able to even unpack my beading crap yet and I miss it. I have barely sewed in the past 5 months.
  • And of course there is the usual: finding balance. Oh, it's so elusive. I commit to working on this as well. In addition to the kitchen fix up, I need to paint and spruce up the upstairs living room and include a little yoga corner down the hall from my craft cave. And then unpack my yoga dvds so I can make that happen on a regular basis. I picked a sunny yellow for this room and can already picture how delightful it will be to settle in there and work on simmering down. In my mind I can erase the 1950 sculpted green carpet...ahhh.
I guess that's kind of a lot. But it's nothing compared to this year and none of this was planned. I wish everyone a year full of light, laughter, dry basements, and much joy!