Friday, December 31, 2010

You say you want a resolution...

With deepest apologies to the fab four.

So, well....I have had a hell of a year, eh?

Everyone has, I know. So of course, what's on tap for 2011? I have been thinking about that for days now.
I'm still in the phase where when we pull up to the house sometimes I have to just sit there for a second and look at it and enjoy the cuteness and think "how the hell did I get here?" and wonder how it was ever possible.

So what am I wanting to change in the new year? I changed pretty much everything in the last 4 months of this year.
in 2011 I plan to:
  • not buy any yarn for personal projects until February 23. Longer if I can do it. I would really like to use up some stash this year.
  • Choose locally more often.
  • Return my library books faster, thus depriving Milwaukee county of tens of dollars in late fees.
  • Embark on the kitchen and main bath renos which will surely be a test of my patience, creativity, and skills. I have been watching kitchen shows on DIYNetwork for weeks now and their idea of a barebones kitchen is 15,000. Yeah, well, I plan to do it for less than $1500. Because I don't have anything more and even that is stretching it. All my existing appliances are staying, I'm not gutting anything, and I plan to use paint and elbow grease to pull off a fucking miracle. Oh, there will be pictures, do not fear.
  • I want to write more in 2011. Blogging as well as personal essays and getting back to fiction. Shitty fiction. I was all revved up for NaNoWriMo this year and did the first two days and then thought "What the hell am I trying to do here? Push myself the rest of the way around the bend?" So I stopped and let it go.
  • Letting more things go. It's a good thing.
  • I need to finish unpacking. I am such a freaking slackMASTER!
  • I want to knit more things, too. I had such a good creative mojo going on until July 22. I want to catch that wave and do stuff again in 2011. I have continued to be creative but it's been more about creatively jamming all my shit into boxes, picking paint colors which I love, but damn...after a while even that gets old, creatively financing this move and creatively living in a construction zone while I scraped and painted and sanded. I wanna do some fun creative stuff. I have not been able to even unpack my beading crap yet and I miss it. I have barely sewed in the past 5 months.
  • And of course there is the usual: finding balance. Oh, it's so elusive. I commit to working on this as well. In addition to the kitchen fix up, I need to paint and spruce up the upstairs living room and include a little yoga corner down the hall from my craft cave. And then unpack my yoga dvds so I can make that happen on a regular basis. I picked a sunny yellow for this room and can already picture how delightful it will be to settle in there and work on simmering down. In my mind I can erase the 1950 sculpted green carpet...ahhh.
I guess that's kind of a lot. But it's nothing compared to this year and none of this was planned. I wish everyone a year full of light, laughter, dry basements, and much joy!


  1. YAY for buying local more!!! And yay for more knits. There should always be more knits!! I'm trying to anything at all. Haha. I need to work on my finances!

  2. Tove here:

    Yay on dropping NaNoWriMo last year - and I hope you do the same this year. Pressure you don't need which forces you to rush your writing to end up with - well, something that is rushed and written under pressure! Thirty days of that to end up with something that either needs a huge overhaul or the delete key? Not my idea of a fun time. Do your writing your way. I've known so many people who freaked out over that whole NaNoWriMo thing and ended up with a useless manuscript.

  3. Thanks for visiting the interview w/ John- what a great guy! And your blog is awesome- really fun to read!! I don't mind the F bombs! ha!
    I would love to try spinning some time- it's on the list of new discoveries!