Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm not dead yet!

If I blogged more often , then maybe I would remember how to log in to this bastard.
I keep meaning to blog, I even compose entries in my head and then I get the lazy and they never make it to the computer.

And today it's gonna be lazy bullet points!

  • I bought some horseradish cheddar I thought would be nice, like a cheese spread sorta kinda, for crackers. I put some on a triscuit last night and GODDAMN. It was like eating a glob of wasabi. I thought my nose was going to bleed. I can't wait to see what happens to my husband when he eats it...muwhahahaha.
  • My house is never going to be finished. Ahhhhh. Flail arms, breathe, flail some more. That is less than helpful. The carpet is now out of the dining room. That floor looks like shit, too. Which is probably better than if for some odd reason it had looked great. Now it at least matches the living room in its shitness. I have begun to collect things for the kitchen makeover, but I'm still not feeling moved to strike on it. The bathroom has been calling me so it is probably going to win this round. It should not take too long to do. It's a tiny room. I always say that, I am always wrong. Always.
  • I am so looking forward to spring! I have been drooling over gardening sites, seed catalogs and wondering how to care for my new apple trees and roses. Just a could months until my newly planted assload of bulbs should begin to appear. I forget what I have even planted. And what other goodies lurk as remnants of the old garden. I am envisioning drifts of snapdragons. Ooooh, exciting!
  • I made lotion from scratch today with coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, and mint tea. Do you know how delicious coconut oil smells? Well, it smells delicious. I scented it lightly with apple and peppermint oil and it's pretty greasy stuff, but I think I like it. I would rather be greasy for a while than have a migraine, right? I sincerely hope I did not ruin my new blender.
  • Old navy had a 20% off coupon today. Damn you Old Navy!!! *shakes fists*
  • I am still getting used to living in a bungalow where the second floor is smaller than the first so it has overhanging roofs. ON sunny days like today bit icebergs fall down on the lower level and scare the bejeesus out of me every now and then. Yeesh!
  • One of these days I will write a real blog post again, with real knitting and fiber content.

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