Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Awwwwwww yeah, bullet point post baby

With bonus jam porn. Or porn jam? Oh, no. Nononononononononononono. Jam porn is definitely preferred! Spiced Cherry Blackberry jam, to be precise. Which is a really fancy way to say that tonight it was "eat random shit from the freezer or I am throwing it away" which is just a frog hair more appetizing than what my granny sometimes said, which was "here, this needs to be eaten." So I ate ever so gently freezer burned shrimp for dinner, and some french fries that my husband cooked that ranged from blackened to raw and flaccid, the concept of "single layer on a baking sheet" seems to escape him. I made a peach crisp that was surprisingly tasty for just throwing some crap on frozen peaches. But still, precious freezer space was being taken up.
So...why not jam?
Hell yeah, JAM!

the suspects

So I looked at a bunch of recipes, gathered the not-as-freezer-burned-as-I-suspected berries and cherries and went for it. Since I'm not canning it, I admit, I basically winged it. I also added in some cinnamon, ginger and vanilla bean chunks. Because it's the holidays and therefore I must put ginger and cinnamon and vanilla in ALL THE THINGS right now.
I ended up with this:
ruby red jars of loveliness

Now onto the random:
  • I am back on the hexipuffs. I am remembering why they so much fun to knit. 
  • Since Hellvis died in August, the other two cats are still working on their new dynamic. Lately Erma has been really aggressive toward Marge. Mainly because she wants to lay on him because she is cold. Marge isn't having it.  Also, Hellvis used to walk around the house yoweling for no reason. Marge seems to have decided it's his job now and does it at random times. 
  • I brought all my holiday crap down from the storage closet upstairs, I even put some lights and wreaths up outside. And I put up the disco forest on the freaky orange buffet:
  •  And then I ran out of oomph and have been living with assorted plastic tubs and totes for the past few days. The tree is in a box in the living room, arranged just so it takes up as much floor space as possible while still allowing the u-verse remote to see the box so that Colbert Report can be viewed. 
  • My reindeer moss wreath really does smell like pee. Old, nasty pee. And now it's like..molting.
  • And that wraps it up for now!

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