Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wash, rinse, repeat.

So it's OPK time here at chez Old Fart. So this evening I held it as long as I could to try and get a good sample to test the dipsticks. I managed to pee all over my hand and then drop the cup into the toilet. The cups are little tiny solo cups like shot glass sized, I think. And plastic, not paper.
I somehow managed to grab a second cup and catch a sample.

And then I flushed and remembered there was still a plastic cup in the bowl.You can't unflush the damn thing so.....I reached into the swirling water and snatched the cup out. The horror of that was nothing compared to the thousands of dollars in plumbing bills I envisioned when that little bastard got caught in the sewer lateral and the whole house started to back up.

I've mentioned the OCD a couple dozen times. I'm a handwasher. Not extreme, but I enjoy a good scour. I have only allowed myself to wash twice for this incident.
I would very much like to wash more.
I would like to reassure myself that I did a thorough wash with hot water twice and that is clean enough.
But instead I have to think "maybe they are clean, maybe not." Because them's the CBT rules.

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