Saturday, August 8, 2015

Hey girl, you should totally get that yarn ball tattoo...

...says that Ryan Reynolds meme.

So I did. Finally.

taking a picture of my wrist was awkward

My tattoo artist was a former marine who also knits, he had a girlfriend who crocheted, so he learned to knit. He said it was very relaxing, I don't think you get much more stressed out than being a freakin' marine, so it just speaks to the power of knitting. 

"Breathe" isn't very original as a tattoo, but it really resonates with me. One of the biggest take aways from my OCD and panic disorder therapy has been the breathing. It's not really a secret, just breathing to help stop the vasovagal freakout that makes me dizzy, clammy, stomach crampy, and shaky.
Breathing is also part of my yoga practice, which is still very beginner, but the breath is so important.

And then there is the advice they give you on planes in case of disaster: put your own oxygen mask on first. And a large part of me getting on the path to wellness was the equivalent of putting on my mask. Putting myself first. Taking care of me while other things were a disaster. Taking care of me because I am worth it. Because I am not a failure. Because it is important.

The sparrow is for remembrance.

And I had the whole thing done to face me. These are reminders for me.

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