Monday, August 2, 2010

You can haz updates!

1. Servpro was just here to pick up their 4 huge ass fans and 3 huge ass dehumidifiers. If you want to feel better about your carbon footprint, rent a few of those puppies in the summer and see what a real big foot looks like. So glad we do the budget pay so I won't feel it all in this month's bill.
The total damage was...gulp.....$2600.73.
Oh that sucks. But you know my saying, it beats a lake of shit in the basement!

2. Hot water, coming soon! Maybe it's my Pisces mojo, maybe it's just me but I love water. Looking at Lake Michigan calms me, swimming thrills me, if it didn't make me have to pee ever 5 minutes I would probably have a tabletop fountain. My morning shower is very important to me. If I feel bleah, tired, cold, cramptastic, achey, even sad, I take a nice hot shower. I have felt all of those things since July 22 and I canot just go hop in the shower! Some people drink (or knit obsessively...ok, I do that too) I shower! Wait, not like 23 time a day, but I really miss that easy once a day shower. And even though I can wash with hot water, you can't just stand under it and let it relax your back muscles when you have to be bending over to scoop it up with a rubbermaid food storage container, you know? I cannot wait for hot water again!

3. Washer and Dryer: yah, we're going to get them again. We did laundry over the weekend and it was $25!! That's 1200 a year, which is $400 more than a new set, not even counting damaged clothing from washed tubs with snags in them from people washing work overalls and stuff. Also, we have found ONE laudromat that isn't scary. And it's actually pretty nice, it's behind the CVS on 76th by Park Bank. but it's always jam packed!! And it's still $25 a week to do the wash there!!

4. my cursed afghan continues. not cursing, but growing. This is the afghan I had the ucontrollable urge to make when the flooding hit. it was not raining or even looking like rain when I left mah house! it's way bigger now, but Erma already seems to approve. I'm not too sure about it the more I see of it, but The Man loves it and it does seem to be nice and warm. and will hopefully soften up with a vigorous washing and tumble dry. I realized i was doing half-double crochets for the center, so switched to double crochets which helps it not feel quite so much like an X-ray blanket now. Good times.


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  2. Gah. I tried to post a link to a really sweet Daisy afghan and it didn't work. :( If I ever find one like it I'm buying it.

  3. It IS a Pisces thing! I NEED water in my life, too. (Hello, Pacific Ocean!)

  4. And of course this also TOTALLY makes me want to crochet granny squares... I want an afghan! With soothing blues and grays.. I need to start a yarn store savings jar...

  5. I totally agree about the Pisces/water need. For me it's mountain streams and rivers.
    I like the afghan! The colors are yummy.