Friday, July 30, 2010

Cleanin' on uuuu-uuuup!

on the Northwest side!
I don't have a piece of the pie, though. At this point, I probably cannot afford a piece of the pie!
Guess who dropped by yesterday?
Awwwww, yeah. Not bad, it only took 6 days this time. Honestly, I think they got overwhelmed really fast. We called on Saturday morning once the water was down and we knew we still had intact walls and they thought they might be here Monday. We knew from experience that they were going to get slammed. They did. People who waited for the weekend to clean out and then saw how bad it was, people who had been unable to even get to their homes until the weekend and people who realized the damage was worse than they thought all found their phones and started calling.
But we don't have drywall down there and it's an old drafty house, so mold was not a huge concern for us, aside from a pile of wet clothes down there rotting away, of course.
But now my house smells sort of chemically clean, with a dull roar from all the drying equipment in the basement and it should be smooth sailing from now on. At least until the next big rain, right?

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