Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I just want to make sure I make this clear that the real problem is that THE CITY (the city who cannot seem to figure out who to keep the poop out of my house!) has no idea what to do as far as it goes to get people hooked back up to power if they are still without.
We Energies requires the safety inspection after an emergency disco, because it's safe and that's how to keep your house from catching fire or exploding.

They just usually require a City of Milwaukee inspector to come out, who then informs them it's safe. Well, the city can't possibly handle everything right now and has changed the rules on them in the middle of a crisis and given them the confusing information. Both women I spoke to with WE's customer service were very clear that all of this was new information and being updated and they took the time to read clearly and help me as much as they could with the information they had.
And furthermore, this is TWICE now that WE has had to haul a truck to my house for emergency discos during a sewer backup and both times I have been amazingly grateful that such a large company can get to individual homeowners while a disaster is literally ongoing. And both times I have called back to thank them

Which is actually what I told to the city supervisor yesterday, that his department was steering people wrong and he was going to be dealing with a lot of upset people until they clarified what they needed.

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