Monday, July 26, 2010

Brew City Flood Blues

Today is a very frustrating day.
The city has no idea what is going on.
Our HVAC guy was supposed to be here beween 8 and 12. Well, this magical affidavit that the power company is telling me to download and print does. not. exist. for. home. owners. to. access.

I called WE Energies, they only have the address for the permitting site. I called the city. Sweet fancy moses what a clusterfuck.
After 10 minutes on hold with the main number it occurred to me to bypass this crap and call the permitting department directly. So I did.
I made it through to the electrical desk, I spoke to Mario.
I have dealt with Mario before. Mario is the man who inspected us in 2008 when we had to have an electrical upgrade in conjunction with installing our new furnace. Mario has some freaky BO problem. His general state of funk seems to be smelling like he has been smoking ass scented cigars in a tiny room for 27 days without changing clothes once. He is not my favorite.
After 15 minutes of "no, listen to me" he transferred me to his supervisor.
Who promptly informed me he wasn't sure what WE Energies was going to need because he wasn't at work on Thursday or Friday becuase he was supposed to go on vacation, but the weather took care of that and he actually sounded really bummed out about it.
When he said that I just sat there and then verrrrry quietly, the kind of quietly that usually scares the crap out of the husband, said " so. sorry. this. is. causing. you. to. miss. your. vacation." and then we started to get somewhere after that. He decided maybe he better go do some investigating and call me back. So he did and now my electrical contractor will be here between 1 and 2 pm today and hopefully we can get somewhere about getting my power back on.
UPDATE: I can haz power!!!! :D

We are awaiting someone to show up and inspect the sewer situation. A city sewer inspector. I have seen 2 on my street thus far and both times have run out to the macaroni and cheese colored trucks to ask if they have my forms. Nope.
I called the city and I am in the system, and they were forwarding my file to a supervisor to get inspected. But until they come, I am stuck here. They do not call first, they just show and up and knock. And if you miss it, there is no notice left behind. I just saw them do a neighbor's house and what they did was knock and then stick a thing down his lateral line. And then leave. WTF does that do?

In most glorious news, Servpro called us back today. We got on their list on Saturday morning when the count of sewer backups was still just under 3000 in the city of Milwaukee. By this morning it was 6000. They are hopping busy!
So they are thinking they should be here by the end of the week. OH FINGERS CROSSED!!!!


  1. Glad you're on the early side of the list rather than the later.
    Has FEMA shown up yet?

  2. Could you send us your phone number so we can have someone call you? Just email it to us at