Tuesday, July 27, 2010

cracking me up

The Man is taking an ice cold shower right now and last night the noises emanating from the bathroom were like nothing I had ever heard before so I videoed the door to catch the noise and then played it back for him.
So tonight he is trying to be as stoic as possible and instead of high pitched yelps and squeals, there are these freakish moans and groans that are really freaking out the cats. I am such an ass that I am laughing so hard.

And for the record, I totally pussed out on the ice cold shower. I tried putting a tub of water out in the sun thinking it would warm up. It really did not, I did a quick wash with it but screamed obscenities the whole time because it was miserable. I skipped washing my hair becuase I was pretty sure my head would fall off.

This morning was downright lovely! I boiled a huge stock pot of water and mixed it with the cold and remembered the routine I had down from my 21 days without hot water adventure in 2008. Dip the shower fluff in the water, lather up, lean over the bucket and pour water over your head so the run off goes back into the bucket. Lather up your hair. Rinse everything from the top down. It's not so bad. As long as you don't need to shave your legs or anything, which is IMPOSSIBLE in ice cold water unless you want to look like you hacked away at yourself with a dull hatchet because you cut off all the goose bumps.


  1. Oh good maude, that is hilarious! You should totally play the noises here for us. LOL

  2. agree with above comment! lol!
    you always make me laugh even when you're talking of things that really arent very laughable. you are truly gifted in the wit area!

  3. When our hot water heater went out last year I would take a bath by boiling water like it was 1890 and pouring it in the tub. Then I'd cool it down some and have a nice soak. Because cold showers suck.