Saturday, July 24, 2010

My house smells so, so bad

So, good news: we did not reflood in last night's heavy rain. Sweet.
Actually, I have a few more not so shitty newses.
Servpro: we're on the list and someone should be contacting us within 24 hours and they think they can get to us this week, possibly, POSSIBLY, on Monday. We need power, though, and we will not have that until Monday night at the earliest (omg fingers crossed the power can be turned back on!!!)
I finally reached the city to report the backup via the phone AND I submitted the report online, so fingers are super crossed we go FEMA disaster tomorrow or Monday because we seriously need all the help we can get and will probably need to apply for a loan to dig up the sewer lines and put in a backflow preventer and possibly do some structural reinforcing. My walls have not moved or shifted, but they are old and one has a crack that did leak in 2008 (though FEMA was unconcerned about it during inspection and said it might have let the pressure off the wall a bit)
I looked up the timeline from 2008 and it took about 5 days for FEMA to get here then, so fingers crossed soon. I know the ball is rolling. People just need to keep reporting damage.
If there is no help, we will find a way, but the help would, well, it would help.

My house is RANK, it's hot and humid and I can't even turn on a fan. Tonight, Saturday, is our last night at the nice clean La Quinta. We simply cannot afford to stay and get too used to it and it is supposed to be cooler tomorrow and sweet fancy moses I hope it's breezy.

My inlaws are visiting tomorrow, because they are insisting on it. I have some feelings on it, but whatthefuckever. If they want to smell my house, more power to them. I can't vacuum, so the cat hair is at record levels. I have no hot water and I can't boil any on the stove to mop the floors and I am not even going to bother with cold, becuase why? We have two emergency litter boxes in the kitchen and the cats are social so they are happy take a dump in full view of anyone who happens to be around.
My carpet got drenched and smells A-maz-ing, too.
I put out mixing bowls full of baking soda around my house today to just try and keep the funk down. Wishful thinking.

Jeff and I had a giggle today when discussing why keeping the flood kit in the basement was maybe not a great idea. I figured it was a good place for it, because hey, I was probably going to be home when it hit, right? But I have been battling the anxiety beast so hard and I never reassed my situation and therefore forgot to get my bleach filled garden sprayer, my shop vac, my 3 bottles of germicidal bleach, my box of latex free gloves, my contractor strength trash bags and the rest of it out to the garage!

My pumps should still be OK, though, they will just need to be washed off really well. I will hose them down and when I have power again, I will pump some disinfectant through them to douche them out so they aren't full of rot and nasty. Too bad they did not get used this round.


  1. I can't believe your inlaws are coming for a visit. Please tell me it's for support and to help out at this point? I hope your MIL doesn't try to sprinkle nutmeg around to make it smell better.
    Is Helvis behaving or adding to

  2. Annie about LaQuinta give me a call...