Sunday, November 4, 2012

I will bullshit my way through this if I have to

I'm calling this Saturday, because, see, the time is about to change. So it's really only just after 11.

I had a shitty day. I happened to learn WHY it was shitty, though. I wore makeup yesterday. And I happened to go to the site where I like to buy that sort of thing because I am running low. And while filing up my cart with sparkly eyeshadows I looked at the ingredients. I've been using this brand for years now, but not every time I wear makeup. Lauroyl Lysine. Is in that eyeshadow. And in that mint green color corrector I used yesterday. I buffed poison all over my face. YAY. It's derived from Coconut.
So today was essentially useless.

BUT, lesson is learned and now I will be investigating ALL my makeup and moving on from there. Party on.

So let's talk knitting, shall we?
I showed my socks in progress on Thursday, today let's look at my heap of sweater:
Artichoke Cardigan by Marlybird

It is super red. And I love it and can't wait to get to the crunchy cable bit at the top..but meh..I can't be arsed to work on getting to the top right now. I have the sleeves joined to the body and I am probably 60% done, but I can't be arsed. I am tried of it. I just scooped up some good audio books with my Audible credits, so maybe soon I will settle into a frenzy of stockinette and get it done.

Then there is the sock club.
my homegrown sock club for 2012
This is going pretty well! I think I will have a couple straggler skeins to carry into 2013, but 8 of those are now finished objects. one is on hold to be something else instead and several other skeins I tossed in after taking the pic are now socks. It's been a good year for socks!

I'm socksy and I know it.
These were a few of the pairs I had going in Summer, now 3 of those are done and the Christmas ones remain to be finished, I will crank that one out as soon as I am done with the Latte Lace sock, possibly tomorrow. And then pick another from the sock club to begin while I wait for instructions for a super secret test knitting project. Exciting! I just completed a test knit and will blog  about that as soon as the pattern is released.

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